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The ability of Accept-LGBT Cyprus to influence the local community, and at the same time, the power of its influence depends strongly on the member numbers and their involvement in the several activities of the organisation. Through our activities we aim at educating, supporting and empowering our members and at the same time, at initiating a constructive dialogue with the local society, the local government, educators and other related bodies.

Become a full member and help reinforce our voice. Your active participation will help us enlarge our circle of activities and demand with greater force and determination equal rights for everybody, without exceptions.


DONATIONS: Why we need donations

Our aim is to promote the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community of Cyprus while fighting preconceived stereotypes, stigmatization and social outcasting.

Amongst our priorities is the education of the local society with regards to our advocacy for equal rights, as well as the direct or indirect support of our community members in every available way.


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