Theatrical Play by Guillem Clua. Theatre Versus Directed by George Anogiriatis. Cast: Thanasis Ioannou and Charis Evripidou
*To be followed by discussion.

Venue: Theatre Ena 
Entrance: €15/€12 for members of Accept
Language: Greek
Reservation Number: 70008242

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Pride Days 2017 – “The Eurovision Fundraising Party” - Powered by Super FM

Don't sit at home this year! Watch the Eurovision Song Contest final, at this year's first event of the #CyprusPride in a festive atmosphere, with drag, fancy Euro-trash dresses, drinks, food and gifts for anyone who find this year's winner at the end of the evening! At the same time support the Cyprus Pride at this year's fundraiser party! Join us!

Χώρος: Παλιά Ηλεκτρική, Λευκωσία | Venue: The Old Powerhouse, Nicosia @ 20:30
Είσοδος: €6/€4 για μέλη της Accept | Entrance €6/€4 for full members of Accept
Κρατήσεις | Reservations:22432559

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2nd Call for Volunteers

Become one of the hundreds shades of iris that will make Cyprus colorful between May 13th – 28th and help spread the message of love, acceptance and solidarity!
Become a volunteer at Cyprus Pride 2017!
Come on Tuesday, May 02, 2017, at 18.00 at Starbucks Central in Nicosia and join in!

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Call for Volunteers - Cyprus Pride 2017

• Νιώσε τον παλμό του Cyprus Pride 2017 να κτυπά δυνατά μέσα σου!

• Βοήθησε να διαδοθεί το μήνυμα της αγάπης, της αποδοχής, της αλληλεγγύης!

• Γίνε μια απ’ τις εκατοντάδες αποχρώσεις της ίριδας που θα κάνουν την Κύπρο πολύχρωμη το διάστημα 13 - 28 Μαΐου!

• Γίνε εθελοντής / εθελόντρια στο Cyprus Pride 2017!

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Erasing dividing lines and prejudices with music

In order to erase all dividing lines - imaginary, conveivable and real - and to bring together LGBT people from all the communities in Cyprus, ACCEPT – LGBT Cyprus in Cooperation with Home of Cooperation (H4C) organize a special evening with live music.

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The 4th Cyprus Pride Festival is approaching, the excitement is rising and the preparations are growing. This year, you too can put your bit, by offering us your imagination and your creativity! How; By coming up with the slogan of the festival and as a reward, you will receive a hand-made backpack from «A tote for Louiza».
 The slogan should reflect the objectives of the Pride Festival:
- This year the Pride Festival is dedicated to the fight to eradicate hate speech.

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Submission of proposals for “Independent EventsOrganised by a third party” for the Cyprus Pride Festival 2017

The preparations for the 4th Cyprus Pride Festival have begun!
It will be held in May 2017 and will end with the Cyprus Pride Parade on Sunday, 28th of May 2017, in Nicosia.
Accept - LGBT Cyprus invites all interested parties to organize activities that will run parallel to the Festival and whose objective will be to:
Α. Promote the visibility of LGBT persons and the problems that they face, by organising “Independent Events Organised by a Third Party”
and / or 

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