Annual General Assembly Accept – LGBT Cyprus: ELECTIONS AT THE CONFERENCE

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Date: Sat, 09/12/2017
Time: 10:00
Location: University of Nicosia


Dear Members, Friends of Accept – LGBT Cyprus,

Following our previous mailings regarding the Annual General Assembly of the organisation, we would like to inform you that the deadline for sending applications for the elections has now passed. You may now download the following files:

  1. Guidelines for the elections, where you can read all the responses received by the candidates.
  2. Proxy Form, by which you can either allow a representative to appear at the assembly on your behalf, or use to send by email to the Presidium and the Supervisory Committee in case you want to vote electronically.
  3. Ballot paper, which you can either send electronically (together with your proxy for) to the Presidium and Supervisory Committee, or give it completed to your proxy, so that they can cast it for you on the day of the elections.  This of course is in case you don’t want to allow your representative to choose the candidates on your behalf.

The deadline for the submission of the electronic proxy forms and ballot papers is Friday, 08 December 2017, on 23:59. Electronic submissions should be sent to Signed proxy forms will of course be accepted on the day of the General Assembly. The proxy form must be signed by the Member, either by scanning it, or by sending a picture of the signed proxy.

The ballot for voting will be open from 09.30 till 12.30 and members will be able to vote throughout the day. All candidates taking part in the electoral process, must receive at least 20% of the valid votes cast, otherwise their participation in the process is deemed void. Since the number of candidacies received is equal to the number of vacancies, additional nominations may be made during the Electoral General Assembly. In case any member who votes by authorised proxy wishes to know all the possible final candidates, they are advised to give authority to their proxy to vote on their behalf once all candidates are known.

Full members need to have a paid subscription for 2017 to be able to vote. Subscription renewals (and payments for 2018) will be able to be made during the Annual General Assembly.  Updates can also be made electronically on the webpage of Accept ( after logging in with the email and password of each Member. Members who have not previously registered online, can press the "Donation" button at the top of our website and pay € 10 (for each outstanding year) and then send an email to informing that they wish the donation to registered as payment of their subscription. Members who want to know how much they owe, please communicate with the

Attached you will also find a revised agenda of the Assembly. We remind you that the celebratory part of the Assembly will be open to the public and press. There will be special arrangements for any members who do not wish to be photographed during the event.


The Management Board, Accept – LGBT Cyprus 

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