Last year's the Cyprus Pride Festival proved to be a landmark in Human Rights advocacy for Cyprus. More than 4,500 people participated in a peaceful march, amongst them the former President of the Republic Mr. George Vassiliou, representatives from all parliamentary parties, the European Parliament and the European Commission, 15 foreign embassies, the plenary of the Council of ILGA- Europe, as well as the Youth Board of Cyprus. Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI) people from all over Cyprus, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, friends and allies, families with children and people who simply wanted to show their support, walked together with Accept, turning the 1st Cyprus Pride into a celebration of dignity and respect for all, proving that the Cypriot society has already surpassed the state, which despite all its promises has not shown any substantial progress.

This year, Accept – LGBT Cyprus is organizing the 2nd Cyprus Pride Festival, with the slogan "Free to Be!" In a year marked by violent acts against the freedom of expression, the LGBTI community of Cyprus will claim the human right to speak freely and be itself. The right to exist without censorship, without worrying that its sole existence can be a reason of reaction, without imposing on itself the burden of a double life. The LGBTI community is here, it creates and lives among us. The support from all those who believe in a better future for our society, with equal human rights for all, without exceptions, without intimidation, without other victims, with understanding, kindness and respect for all, is extremely important.

The Festival
The Cyprus Pride Festival 2015 will begin with events on May 28th and will culminate in the Cyprus Pride Parade in Nicosia, on June 6th. The Cyprus Pride Festival enjoys the support of the Municipality of Nicosia for the second consecutive year, under the auspices of the Mayor of Nicosia Mr. Constantinos Yiorkatzis

The Festival is an occasion for entertainment, cultural, artistic and educational events which consolidates the lives of LGBTI persons through activities that promote unity, acceptance, the receptivity and awareness of gender issues and sexual identity orientation. The objectives of the Festival is to promote acceptance for all, with particular focus on people who have a different sexual orientation or gender identity, to promote the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and sex identity, to promote the freedom of each person to be able to speak without any self-imposed censorship, or censorship imposed by society, to enhance the visibility of LGBTI individuals, the public awareness regarding the difficulties faced by the local LGBTI community, to promote concrete legislative changes in order to help the LGBT life of Cyprus (The Bill of Civil Partnership, the criminalization of homophobic rhetoric and legal recognition of gender).

The Events
Amongst other events, the Festival program includes the much-discussed exhibition "Correction", presenting the work of the Greek Trans activist Paola Revenioti,. The exhibition will be held at the Municipal Arts Centre of Nicosia (NiMAC) and will incorporate screenings of the documentary "Kaliarnta". This same exhibition was organized last November to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Remembrance and was violently seized by police in Cyprus, causing a social outcry. Paola Revenioti will also participate in an open debate at NiMAC, and will take part in the Cyprus Pride Parade.

The famous Greek writer and LGBTI Rights activist, August Corteau, will also be joining the events, with a presentation of his book for the first time in Cyprus and will walk the Cyprus Pride Parade.

In addition, the events program will include open discussions on topics of interest to the LGBTI community and society at large, movies of LGBTI themes selected by personalities of the Cyprus Art Scene, such as Mr. Yiannis Toumazis and the artist Leontios Toumbouris, an art exhibition of prominent Cypriot artists, a poetry and literature night, music events, as well as various parties.

The Parade
The day of the Cyprus Pride Parade (June 6th, 2015) will start in the early afternoon at the Municipal Gardens of Nicosia with events for the whole family, and will culminate in the Cyprus Pride Parade. The event will end with a party back in the Municipal Gardens, with various participating artists, amongst them he Israeli DJs "Deep'a & Biri", direct from the famous clubbing scene of Tel Aviv. The Fork Food Market will also be setting up there.


The detailed program of events will be announced shortly.
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