Website maintenance, upgrading and improvements

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Website maintenance, upgrading and improvements

I am new to this site but, I have to say, I really like the additional capability to chatwith online members of the site. Please create a threaf where users can provide comments and suggestions onexisting and proposed new features to be implemented on the website. Kudos to the web-master and all your team.Love, GoodWilled

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Gay Mouflon
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Dear Goodwilled,There is already a section of the forum dedicated to the website: are very welcome to start a thread there with your comments and suggestions.Looking forward to hearing from you!CyQrP.S. Just to avoid any confusion I am just a regular member like you

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Thank you for the nice words! As CyQR noted above, feel free to add any comments regarding the website on: We welcome any comments! Good or bad!Take care!Costas