Education for all (Tackling homophobia in education)

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Education for all (Tackling homophobia in education)

Hi everyone,
I found this site call education for all which is a programme started by , it's purpose to educate students in schools about sexuality and minimize the effects of homophobia.<?xml:namespace prefix = o />
I think we could learn a lot from their approach and hopefully apply some of them to Cyprus education system if that is a possible.  I do know how hard that it will be but one step each time. I am thinking if a first step would be to approach in some way the target group, therefore high school students , and to some research with questioners’. The results will provide the evident to approach media, or political parties or government.
I am sure if we do a research about homophobia and "bullying" we will have quite impressive figures.
1) Direct to schools Students and teachers (keep in mind a lot of teachers notice "bullying"  but they close their eyes.)
2) Through Facebook groups for high schools students in Cyprus
Any ideas/ thoughts/concerns?
Many thanks

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This would be very interesting indeed! The numbers of cases must be terrifying. I remember my school years were the hardest I've ever had to deal with. As an adult I find facing any bullying much easier, but as a highschool boy, just accepting who i am and fighting to get accepted were tearing me apart.

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Indeed, Stonewall are doing a great job both inside the education field and out of it. Accept is already in the process of paving ways into the education system and trying to make a break inside the ranks. Any ideas, support, and, indeed, help, would be greatly appreciated!

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