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Who we Are

Accept is the only officially registered LGBT organisation in Cyprus today. accept – LGBT  Cyprus is comprised of people who regardless of age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, class, religion, language, mental or physical disability or other characteristics, steadily and strongly demand the acceptance, reciprocity, emancipation and support, on issues concerning the LGBT people in the wider Cypriot community. Currently accept has almost 700 registered members.

Our Focus

  • On advocacy, assertion and promotion of the rights and interests  of LGBT people, as well as fighting against preconceived stereotypes, stigmas and social outcasting.
  • Sensitizing and informing the LGBT community as well as public opinion, the family, social institutions, organised, or otherwise, agencies, and society in general, on issues of sexual identity, gender, sexual orientation and sexual health.

Our Vision

To create a society which is based on respect for the individual and their diversity without discrimination and preconceived notions, in particular on issues of sexual identity.

Our Aims

  • Information and support for the Cypriot education system on issues of sexual identity and gender.
  • Preventing the insurgence of homophobic tendencies, the protection and embedding of a pluralistic environment in the wider social circle.
  • Social sensitization of society on issues of sexual orientation with emphasis on the youth and gender.
  • Support, empower and advocate for LGBT persons, as well as create dialogue and disseminate information.
  • To fight for basic rights against prejudice and discrimination.
  • Collaborations with regional and international organisations who are also working with issues of sexual identity and gender.
  • The promotion of research and studies related to our issues.
  • To take part in conferences and other organised events in relation to the development and promotion of ideals in the area of human rights, with emphasis on sexual orientation.
  • To organise lectures, speeches etc, which will inform society along with other agencies regarding the association’s agenda.
  • To promote the implementation of European Law in relation to sexual orientation.
  • To promote and implement political, legal programme and case-law from the EU and the EU commission in relation to the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equality, in particular with regard to sexual orientation and gender.
  • To promote the right to legalised same-sex marriage, adoption, inheritance rights, insurance, health and other issues, for all Cypriot citizens without discrimination.