Extraordinary General Assembly - 26 August 2013

Mon, 26/08/2013 - 18:00 to 21:00
NGO Support Centre - 27 Ezekia Papaioannou Str. (off Kennedy Av.), Nicosia
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We invite all of the Members of the organisation at an Extraordinary General Assembly on Monday 26th of August 2013, at the offices of the NGO Support Centre at 27 Ezekia Papaioannou Str. (off Kennedy Av.) in Nicosia.The topic up for discussion in the agenda of the Extraordinary General Assembly is the possibility to call new Elections in September 2013, following the resignation of a number of board members.All Full Members with settled obligations towards the organisation have the right to vote during the Assembly. Any members who have not yet paid for their annual subscriptions, can do so online at  http://www.acceptcy.org/membership or on the day of the Annual General Assembly.Any Full Members who cannot attend the Extraordinary General Assembly can be represented by someone else with a signed copy of the attached proxy form.For any further information or question, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@acceptcy.org.The Management Board, Accept – LGBT CyprusNote: After half an hour from the starting time, present members constitute a quorum. You can find a map for the site of the meeting here.  Invitation from the President of the Board follows:Dear Members and Friends of Accept – LGBT Cyprus,All members who were able to attend the organisation’s Annual General Assembly on the 25th of May were updated both on Accept’s actions over the past year, as well as the difficulties that concerned the members of the Board.As a Board we persistently worked to promote LGBT rights in Cyprus primarily in the 3 main areas in which we focus as an organisation. These are:

  1. The prevention and tackling of homophobic and transphobic hate crime and hate speech.
  2. The prevention and tackling of bullying.
  3. The legal recognition of same-sex couples’ relationships.

February’s Presidential Elections offered continuous work for months until we were finally able to confirm that as a community we had, for the first time, public pledges of support from any of the prospective future Presidents in issues relating to the LGBT community.At the same time in February, with the help of the former Minister of Interior, Ms. Mavrou, the Council of Ministers of the previous Government approved a Draft Bill that  legally establishes the relations of both same-sex, as well as opposite-sex, couples in the form of a Civil Partnership Agreement. This Draft Bill is now going through technical/legal applicability review by the Legal Service before advancing to the Parliament for enactment, a process which we are trying to rush.In March we heard with satisfaction the Government Spokesman publicly declaring at a press conference that it was a pre-election commitment of the new President to promote the Civil Partnership agreement, despite the opposition of the Church of Cyprus on the issue. We were also pleased that during Accept’s own press conference in May, while commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) 2013, we publicly heard the positions of all parliamentary parties on the issue, apart from the Democratic Party (DIKO) that was the only party that did not attend. Through their envoys, a first in one of our events, the parties officially supported, verbally at least, the Civil Partnership Agreement and the need to further promote LGBT rights in Cyprus in general.We are not fooled. We know that politicians can speak several languages and find difficulty in putting words to actions where needed. The problems of the LGBT community have not been resolved and continuous pressure is needed. Accept must be strong to be able to continue to fight for the rights of the LGBT individuals and no matters other than the objectives of the organisation should appear at the table.Amid these actions, as expected, we difficulties too. Following the discussions that took place at the Annual General Assembply some Board members have decided, for different reasons, to resign from Accept’s Management.As an organisation we need a frank and honest discussion amongst the members to find out the best way the running of the organisation can become functional and smooth. The Board has therefore decided to hold an Extraordinary General Assembly which will discuss the departures and possibly call new elections in September, opening up the next chapter in the history of Accept.In order to be able to find the right way forward, on behalf of the Board, I invite you all to the first Extraordinary General Assembly of the organisation at 18.00 on August 26, 2013, at the offices of the NGO Support Centre. The offices are located at 27 Ezekia Papaioannou (Off Kennedy Av.) in Nicosia.We hope to see you all there.Sincerely,Costas GavrielidesBoard President, Accept – LGBT Cyprus