Thank you!

We would like to thank all those people who are registering as full members of the organisation by paying their annual subscription. Recently the number of people registering as full members of Accept – LGBT Cyprus has increased and this can only offers advantages to us. Beyond the financial support (€ 20 per year) full members allow us to have a stronger voice when approaching Government departments, parliamentarians and other organisations fighting for LGBT rights in Cyprus. THE MORE WE ARE THE MORE OTHERS ARE READY TO LISTEN.This does not mean that only full members are the ones we need. If someone simply prefers to be an Associate Member that is free yet still empowers our voice. Only a simple registration on our website is needed for that.Until today we have about 600 members, 80 of which are full members.Finally we would like to express our deep gratitude:1. To the individuals who financially support the organisation through donations from their savings.2. The volunteers for their valuable time they provide to us all.3. All our friends. Both the active as well as the silent ones.Finally we would like to say that it's really moving to see the messages we receive from LGBT people in Cyprus for the work produced. It does make everyone work harder when their voluntary effort is appreciated.Thank you!Accept – LGBT Cyprus Board

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